Bedshed unveils mobile compatible website

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

A mobile compatible website has been launched by retail franchise chain Bedshed, to capitalise on Australians’ growing obsession with mobiles and tablets.

Bedshed chief operating officer Gavin Culmsee said the new site addresses the demand for on-the-go access.

“Customer traffic to Bedshed’s website via mobile and tablet devices has increased by almost 500 percent in just 12 months,” said Culmsee. “That’s a staggering rise which we have catered for in our new site.”

As was expected, the type of device used reflects the time of day people access the site, with pc and desktop access common at lunchtime and mobile or tablet usage much stronger in the evenings.

“Our new website responds to this variability by automatically re-adjusting its dimensions to accommodate different browser sizes. It’s easy to navigate and access the desired information regardless of whether the site is being viewed from a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.”

Culmsee said the Bedshed website also includes helpful product information and blogs on topics such as Bedroom Design Ideas and Better Sleeping, which customers can easily share via social media including Facebook.

“If they’ve read something they think a friend would love, or seen a product which would suit their mum’s bedroom perfectly, it’s now easier for them to share this knowledge,” he said.