Bedshed brings online in-store with interactive kiosk

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

Traditional and online retailing have combined at Bedshed Joondalup, which has recently installed an interactive kiosk in-store allowing customers to review marketing material, search for products and email catalogues.

Chief operating officer at the bedding franchise, Gavin Culmsee, said no other retailer in Australia is bringing this package of customer service, delivered by the internet but executed in-store.

"Bedshed's Joondalup store is now showcasing best practice ecommerce and we’ve delivered this technology to customers before any other retailer.

"We're capitalising on the power of the Internet in-store to offer customers a new level of freedom, knowledge and convenience," he said.

The screen, located at the store's entrance, displays national and local marketing content and reacts as customers approach.

"They can review promotional content, search the online product gallery, add items to their wish list and have a custom PDF brochure created and emailed to them directly from the screen. Accessing the emailed content via their smartphone whilst in-store makes the shopping trip faster and easier," said Culmsee.

"We find many shoppers want to make decisions but their family or partner isn't with them. If she's shopping and he's at work, the PDF brochure can be emailed immediately and a faster, more informed decision can be made."

The kiosk also has a Mattress Assist functionality to help them make the right purchase, taking into consideration brand, mattress size, which room the bed is for and the reason for the purchase, whether it be partner disturbance or health and wellbeing.

"We're giving control to customers. Some don't want to be approached by a salesperson and this allows the customer to decide if or when they want help," he said.

“The technology has recently been installed in the Joondalup store only.  It will, however, be made available to all Bedshed franchisees, who will have discretion regarding to what extent they introduce the technology into their own stores.”

Bedshed franchisees can use the kiosk to display national and local area marketing content, to promote excess stock or to highlight a particular accessory. Content can also be converted into another language to meet the local area's demographic.

The technology was delivered by Melbourne-based Square Circle Triangle and managing director Paul Wilson said it helps franchisees understand who their customers are and what they're looking for.

"It shows how many people have interacted with the kiosk, for how long, the specials responded to and products searched," he said.

"This allows for deeper understanding of customer requirements, product insights and continuous improvement in bettering the customer experience."