Bakers Delight focuses on franchisee recruitment

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

Franchised bakery network, Bakers Delight, has set itself a new year’s resolution of recruiting 100 employees to its Fresh Franchisee program, with the aim of training employees to work towards business ownership.

The recent PricewaterhouseCoopers Franchise Sector Indicator Survey claimed that franchisee recruitment will be the biggest challenge faced by franchisors in 2011. It also claimed that to increase the pool of suitable franchisees, franchisors would need to provide a diverse and rewarding career for candidates of all ages, particularly through engagement with Gen Y.

Bakers Delight’s Fresh Franchisee program was developed in response to this and with the intention to provide young people within the network with an opportunity to conduct structured franchise training, enabling them to work towards business ownership.

“The program will assist in injecting fresh energy and motivation into our network of 630 bakeries across Australia,” said general manager of Bakers Delight, Chris Gurney.

“Innovative programs such as the Fresh Franchisee initiative, not only fosters young talent within our network, but enables us to respond to recruitment challenges faced by the industry.”

In FY10/11 to date, Bakers Delight has recruited 38 Fresh Franchisees.

“This initiative is ideal for those young, keen and motivated individuals who may not have the experience and capital to purchase a bakery,” Gurney said. “We provide them with the knowledge, education and tools to fuel career growth while working in a bakery environment.”