Australian Retailers Association announces partnership with Hair and Beauty Industry Association

The retail, and hair and beauty industries are set to collide with the announcement that peak bodies, the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) and the Hair and Beauty Industry Association (HBIA) have commenced a partnership.

The affiliation sees the two consultative bodies join forces to provide further value to industry professionals, with designs to increase membership in both camps.

Russell Zimmerman, executive director of the ARA said the partnership had the potential to greatly improve the services provided to members, as the bodies push from stronger working conditions in their respective sectors.

“This is an exciting opportunity for both the ARA and the HBIA to enhance support for all members and add further value to the current services provided to ARA and  HBIA members,” Zimmerman said.

“As the ARA are Australia’s largest retail association, representing the country’s $310bn sector, which employs more than 1.2m people, we believe this partnership will be highly beneficial for both ARA and HBIA members and will lead both associations into new and exciting areas.”

Under the terms of the agreement, the HBIA stands to benefit from enhanced information on employment law and compliance, in addition to improving its commitment to training and support for members with dedicated HBIA advice hotlines, member e-newsletters and a wealth of industry-specific online resources.

Currently, the HIBIA offers members a range of seminars and workshops that address a range of common industry issues, such as training and employment.

Zimmerman said that while the HBIA excelled in providing support and training for its members, the backing of the ARA would further strengthen the group’s voice as it advocates for improved working conditions.

“The partnership between the ARA and the HBIA will exist to advance the hair and beauty industry by advocating and lobbying on behalf of members, and encouraging additional provisions where required,” Zimmerman said.

“The ARA will continue to be a proactive supporter of Australian retail through ensuring retail success by informing, protecting and educating our members. The ARA welcomes the HBIA and its members and looks forward to seeing what’s in store for the future.”

Andrew Woodward, president of the HBIA said affiliation was a positive step forward for both parties, encouraging future initiatives.

“The partnership between the HBIA and the ARA will ensure that the HBIA has a stronger voice and lobbying ability with Government on the matters that are of importance to the industry,” Mr Woodward said. 

“This new relationship will provide HBIA members with greater resources, services and value for their membership spend. The additional benefits which are now available to HBIA members are simply not available elsewhere.”