New cost-conscious, flexi-franchise model at Keen to Clean

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

The Keen to Clean Group has launched flexible franchise models designed for a lower-level investment that suits the current cautious market.

The decision to offer the low cost, low risk Flexi-franchises followed feedback gained over 12 months from potential franchisees. 

Brijesh Purohit, Keen to Clean Group managing director, said  “We found based on the feedback that, ultimately, the initial investment will be the basis of the decision on whether a person will pursue a franchise. A larger cost, whether for a well known brand or not, will always be a concern and cause trepidation for an investor. A good name is a plus and will always be a factor, but investors have learned to see past big names alone.”

The new line of franchises will offer significantly lower investment levels, starting at $13,500 + GST, that includes a guaranteed roster of fixed, ongoing regular work as well as all equipment costs. Depending on the level of investment, the guaranteed established roster of jobs will increase or decrease, meaning franchisees will have the ultimate say in their workload.

However there is also the flexibility for a franchisee on a minimal investment tier and workload to add casual jobs to their schedule, with these bookings managed by the franchisor. This means they can act as a standard franchise but without a defined territory.

According to Keen to Clean, investment costs can be recouped in as little as seven months with this add-on.

“Ultimately it is win-win for both parties. We give people new franchise avenues to explore while also allowing ourselves to grow and develop a dedicated and invested fleet of franchisees,” Purohit said. “We feel this will become a popular trend in smaller service based franchises and will allow for the way small franchises and contractors function to be revolutionised.”