New CEO and global outlook at Fastway Couriers

By Sarah Stowe | 08 Feb 2017 View comments

Peter Lipinski is the new CEO at Fastway Couriers AustraliaBusiness is on the move at Fastway Couriers Australia with a new chief executive officer and plans to leverage global logistics.

Peter Lipinski, the new CEO, said “We’ll optimise technologies to launch our latest initiative, Fastway International. This will be our latest service offering which will set us apart once again, and provide our customers with all the tools they need to make their business a success.

“We’re confident that we’ll offer our Australian businesses the ability to send and receive parcels on a global scale by mid-year.”

Lipinski spent more than six years with Fastway Couriers Australia with his most recent role as chief operating officer (COO), working closely with his predecessor Richard Thame to grow the business.  

Thame has been appointed to regional director of Aramex across Australia and New Zealand. Aramex, which purchased Fastway Couriers in January 2016, is a global provider of comprehensive logistics and transport, operating in over 60 countries.

In Australia, the courier firm launched at Christmas a Blu Couriers business that allows Fastway Courier franchisees to scale up to meet growing demand while providing Australians with a flexible work option.

The successful rollout in Sydney and Brisbane over Christmas increased delivery capacity for Fastway Courier Franchisees with over 20,000 parcels moved by Blu Couriers over the holiday period. This meant Fastway Courier Franchisees were able to deliver an additional 40 parcels per day, saving up to 4 hours daily.

Lipinski said "In my role as Fastway COO last year I was heavily involved with the development of Blu Couriers and while we had invested time and resources in optimising the model, it’s been very rewarding to hear such positive feedback from our franchisees, our Blu drivers, and our customers.”

Fastway Couriers will roll out the Blu Couriers model in more cities across Australia this year.