New brand identity for Australian Skin Clinics

By Sarah Stowe | 02 Mar 2018 View comments

Inside Franchise Business: Australian Skin Clinics has launched new brandingAustralian Skin Clinics has embarked on a new consumer centric brand identity.

The brand focus is a result of extensive research into customer attitudes on skin care and the beauty industry. The research involved a number of focus groups and surveys of more than 1,000 potential clients, current clients and consumers between the ages of 18-54 years over the past six months.

The resulting ‘I deserve’ campaign launched on 1 March and features everyday men and women with supporting commentary such as ‘I deserve make-up free confidence’, ‘I deserve to feel proud of my reflection’ and for the men, ‘I deserve skincare as good as hers’.

Australian Skin Clinics’ chief marketing officer, Christie Harris, said the shift in brand identity aims to position the business as a more emotive brand and drive awareness of the company’s key focus of empowering their clients.

“The new identity is exciting and we see the move as a great strategic step forward, with our brand becoming more relatable to our clientele and telling their story through emotive imagery and commentary,” Harris said.

“The campaign unlocks a more open dialogue to a broader range of audiences and hopes to shift the stigma associated with medi-aesthetic treatments, no matter what gender or age you are.”

As part of the new brand, Australian Skin Clinics’ website will house a space for clients and visitors to tell them what they deserve, allowing the company to continue to listen to their clients, which increasingly includes men.

In store digital screens will be featuring a showreel celebrating real Aussies across the generations.

Australian Skin Clinics’ research also revealed customers associated the chain with the colour blue – clinic staff already wear blue scrubs for procedures, and the focus on the colourway has inspired a new terminology internally and as a hashtag ‘‘the bluevement’ so consumers are encouraged to ‘join the bluevement’.

Radio ads will have the catchphrase ‘We’re the ones in blue’.

Harris told Inside Franchise Business the benefits of the new brand focus for franchisees will be measured in foot traffic, the volume of phone calls and web traffic. New form fields online will capture consumer information.