Navigating the specialist health services sector with Home Caring

By Sponsored | 13 Oct 2018 View comments

The nation’s ageing population combined with the rising cost of hospital care has brought the reality of living with dementia into the spotlight.

In Australia alone, there are over 400,000 people living with the disorder, of which around 55 per cent are women.

Dementia is now the single greatest cause of disability in Australians over the age of 65 and the second leading cause of death in Australia.

As the population ages, it is anticipated that the number of people over 65 will double in the next 30 years and the number of people accessing the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will grow from 140,000 to over 500,000.

With over one million people in Australia now involved in the care of someone with dementia, the specialist health services sector is experiencing a revolutionary period.

Proudly Australia owned, Home Caring provides professional and compassionate personalised care services within the home, with a firm community focus and passion for support.

To combat the rising number of entrants to the sector, Home Caring is seeking community-minded franchisees who are tenacious business builders, committed to success and compassionate.

Home Caring’s unique business model is a 50/50 joint venture partnership model that promotes a strong alignment between the brand and the franchise partner, significantly reducing start-up costs by 50 per cent.

As a partner with Home Caring, franchisees are provided with full training and on-going support to ensure a successful, profitable partnership.

Prospective franchisees earn an on-going 50 per cent share of profits and receive a salary package of $100,000 per annum from day one, significantly reducing the stress associated with becoming a first-time business owner.

The brand’s commitment to personalised dementia care has made Home Caring and Dementia Caring a leader in the specialised health services industry.

The brand boasts an extensive list of health services and care support programs, specifically tailored to the needs, demands and restrictions of each individual dementia patient.

The propensity for growth within the sector provides franchisees within the Home Caring and Dementia Caring network with a strong pathway for success, backed by the brand’s extensive history of franchise experience.

If you are passionate about providing support for those in need and want to experience the rewarding aspects of running a business in the booming Australia health services sector, make a franchise with Home Caring and Dementia Caring your future.

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