Nathan’s Famous; the flexible fast-food franchise

By Sponsored | 23 Sep 2019 View comments

If you’ve ever thought about buying your own fast-food franchise, you know that the two most important factors in business success are time and money.

While fast-food chains remain some of the sector’s most profitable and well-loved models, the cost of establishment, goods sold, and wages have traditionally been far greater than those seen in the home services or fitness sectors.

Until now, however.

In an innovative move Down Under, fresh-to-market fast-food franchise, Nathan’s Famous has developed a model that removes a number of barriers to entry for prospective business owners.

The heritage US fast-food franchise has over 100 years of experience in its home country and has started to bolster its Aussie network.

Focusing on three key areas, Nathan’s Famous is making good on its promise to deliver a value for money opportunity for an operator keen to cash-in on the booming American fast-food scene.


Where other established fast-food brands require an extensive initial cost, regularly between the $500,000 and $1 million mark, Nathan’s Famous has worked hard to reduce investment costs.

The fast-food franchise is offering applicants a fully mobile operation from as little as $150,000.

While the reduced price point puts a little less strain on the hip-pocket, it also greatly reduces stress on the books. Access to finance has proven to be a significant barrier for a number of prospective business owners. However, Nathan’s Famous’ low-cost fast-food franchise model makes it easier than ever to get into business for yourself. 


A reduced investment cost isn’t the only way Nathan’s Famous franchisees can boost their bottom lines.

The mobile business model requires little preparation and service time, meaning that it could easily be operated by a one-man team.

Working by yourself means no employee wages to pay, less admin time and a greater return on investment. 

Flexible fast-food franchise

Aside from the reduced wages and investment costs, what makes the Nathan’s Famous fast-food franchise model work is its flexibility.

Operators are not required to have any experience in the hospitality sector, with all training provided through the business, alongside ongoing franchisee support.

Furthermore, the mobile model allows franchisees to pick their own hours and locations, making it an entirely self-directed business opportunity. In essence, the fast-food franchise can be run as a side business that doesn’t require everyday operation.

In fact, Nathan Famous franchisees can even leverage their product through third party aggregators such as Menulog, UberEats and Deliveroo, increasing their avenues for success.

If you are interested in running your own fast-food franchise and want a low-cost, high-value opportunity, Nathan’s Famous not only has the experience but the means to make it happen.

Visit and make an enquiry today.