Naröcha bubble tea business opens up to franchising

By Sarah Stowe | 31 Aug 2021 View comments

Nicole Culham was 21 when she started up her own bubble tea business, moving from Indonesia to Australia to achieve her goal.

Now, two years later, and with one franchisee already signed up and trading, Nicole is expanding through franchising.

Naröcha combines the ancient art of Japanese tea appreciation with the modern world of bubble tea, a traditionally Taiwanese beverage.

The name has an interesting derivation: it combines the initials of North Atlantic River Otter with Cha – meaning tea.

The otters swim holding hands with each other, so they don’t get lost or drift apart. This represents the care and quality of the brand, who like the otter, take good care of their customers each and every visit.
At the franchised outlet in Werribee the new Naröcha store features slick, polished concrete with pops of signature minty Naröcha green and baby pink. It seats 24.

Inside Franchise Business asked founder Nicole Culham to share some basic information about the business.

IFB: What really makes this different from the other tea brands? 

Nicole: We are determined to serve our customers the highest quality ingredients in the market, using our curated selection of premium loose-leaf teas, St. Ali Coffee beans, A2M Milk for a quality drinking experience.

We strive in transparency and honesty and take pride in the quality ingredients we use. Naröcha also offers lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan options to ensure we cater for everyone’s needs.

We also sell our tea powders and teas that we use so customers can make their own drinks at home.

The innovation in our product offerings and the options for a healthier bubble tea is what drives customers back.

What are your expansion plans? 

We see Naröcha as a leading bubble tea brand and hope to expand nationally over the next 12 months. We have two stores in Victoria, with a third on the way and many more franchising opportunities in the works.

We’ve had incredible success with our first franchised store in Werribee and are eagerly looking forward to welcoming new franchisees.

How much does a franchise cost and how long is the term?

Initial investment depends on a lot of different factors like location, site location, size and lease terms. Initial investment starts from $250,000 to $350,000 plus GST.

After contract a has been signed, you’re set to open your store in three months’ time. The franchise license is normally for five years.