My Home Watch heads to US

By Sarah Stowe | 31 Jan 2019 View comments

My Home Watch founder and franchisor Natasha Morgan has appointed a master franchisee for Australia and New Zealand so she can focus on launching the brand in the US.

Master franchisees Gavin and Ana Mead will take over the day to day running of the Australian operation, with plans to grow to a further 10+ franchises over the next two years.

Morgan said “Gavin brings a wealth of knowledge as a franchisee and in sales and is well able to understand how the franchise operation works.”

My Home Watch needs more franchisees to provide services to the 70 per cent of its leads in unsigned territories, she said.

Morgan, who launched the pet, property and home security service in 2016 and started franchising a year later, is heading to the US in March.

Initially Morgan will be tapping into mentor Anthony Amos’ IBE Connect business connections and experience to establish the right entry point for the home services franchise.

A US website has already been established to gauge interest for area managers and franchisees.

“We have daily visitors online and service inquiries from the US. You can’t ignore that pull,” she said.

Speaking to Inside Franchise Business about the move Morgan said “It’s massive, we’re going over with our five year old, and going to give it our all. It’s fantastic to have the backing and support of Anthony, someone that has done it. We would never have tackled it so soon on our own.

“We are partnering up with his charity Bathe to Save and that’s our social conscience to the business.”

Morgan plans to operate the pilot business herself to establish the brand and then roll out master franchisees state by state.

The business has just announced two partnership signings in Australia: the newly launched PetRescue Hope 4 Paws initiative is a fundraising opportunity for franchisees; joining the G’Day Rewards program gives members a 10 per cent discount offer on My Home Watch services and increases brand awareness.

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