Mr Rental adopts cloud solution

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

Home appliance rental franchise Mr Rental has adopted a Microsoft cloud solution, Office 365, for more than 90 stores in Australia and New Zealand.

Mr Rental CIO, Brad Rappell, said the pay per user basis and ability to scale the operation month-to-month proved an important factor in choosing the brand.

Office 365 has improved Mr Rental’s coaching process in addition to its franchise development process by increasing the contact it has with its franchisees.

“We are now able to conduct weekly coaching and support calls via Lync and SharePoint® supported with a quarterly onsite visit. This means that the amount of support that we can provide to our franchisees has improved dramatically, in turn increasing the value of the franchise,” said Rappell.

In addition, Mr Rental is using Office 365 as the central communication channel allowing for better collaboration across the departments including promotions, product and operations.

“Office 365 has opened up new opportunities and centralised processes across our network, driving efficiency and empowering franchisees,” said Rapell.

“If we need to run remote kiosks within shopping centres or as part of other local area marketing initiatives, all we need to get up and running is a Telstra 4G dongle and a laptop and that is equivalent to being in an office,” he said.