Minuteman Press a longterm franchise opportunity

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

There are nearly 1000 Minuteman Press franchisees worldwide, and 97 per cent have no previous experience in printing. In Australia there are about 40 stores, 23 of these in Melbourne.

This system has no marketing levy. With all the technical ability and equipment required for marketing collateral at its fingertips, Minuteman’s philosophy is that it can produce 90 per cent of the material at cost.

“We have a marketing program that we work hand-in-hand with franchisees,” says Jeff Campbell. “Franchisees can spend their marketing dollar as they see fit. We’re not a one size fits all business. We’re very flexible in the marketing program but we insist it must be done.”

A franchise agreement is a substantial commitment; the term lasts for 35 years. “We like to make our money out of the royalties, which are six per cent, capped at $39,000. So, although this is not a common figure, franchisees who make $100,000 a month pay just six per cent of $39,000.”