Menu revamp takes Cibo Espresso back to its Italian food heritage

By Sarah Stowe | 20 Apr 2016 View comments

Cibo Espresso is emphasising its Italian heart with a brand new menuCibo Espresso is about to undertake the most ambitious food revolution it has attempted since first opening its doors in 2000. 

A brand new menu of more than 60 new dishes will focus on handmade, artisan products and locally sourced ingredients.

General Manager of Cibo Merissa Collins said fittingly, the new menu will be available first in South Australia where the Cibo brand was established. 

“Cibo was known for amazing Italian food that was handmade on site. We have very much made a conscious decision to return to our roots and once again make that delicious, authentically hand-made food that we were known for,” Collins said.

The chain has recruited a specialist chef to manage the development and rollout of the new menu.

“Jack Brennan has worked in culinary product development for over 14 years, including five years under the tutelage of Gordon Ramsay.”

Brennan said working for some of the UK’s most well-known food brands had given him the perfect training ground for driving quality and consistency in the CIBO offering.

But he said the thing he loved most about developing the new menu was his passion for flavour and the beautiful local produce South Australia had to offer.

 “We’ve been able to improve the quality and flavour of our food using new techniques, such as our house-made mayonnaise made with local oil and eggs and hand-made by South Australians,” he said.

“We also used a blend of Australian flour in our home-made baked bread and developed beautifully crafted Napolitano, b┬Ächamel and pesto sauces to age-old recipes. Another significant change we have introduced is we have decided to stone bake all our pizza bases to lock the flavours into the crust.”