Mechanic fulfils business dream with Snap-on Tools

By Sarah Stowe | 13 May 2021 View comments

Max Hardy is someone who made the jump from employed mechanic to a driven Snap-on Tools franchisee, and he’s reaping the benefits.

Having spent 12 years as a mechanic, Max started his own Brisbane-based Snap-on franchise 14 months ago, and with hard work his business grew rapidly.

Getting into his stride in the first year with a phenomenal near million dollar turnover wasn’t what he expected.

“I was overwhelmed. If you’d told me that would happen in the first 12 months I wouldn’t have believed you,” he says.

He had always planned on doing something for himself but he admits he is a procrastinator, so the decision took time.

“I was getting bored doing what I was doing as a mechanic but I didn’t really know anything else,” Max says. 

“There was the fear of not knowing what was going to happen if I had my own business. Then I thought, the worst that can happen is I end up doing what I am doing now.”

Max Hardy, Snap-on Tools franchisee | Inside Franchise Business

Max Hardy, Snap-on Tools franchisee | Inside Franchise Business

His experience with Snap-on started during his apprenticeship; his boss introduced the brand to him. 

“So when the opportunity came up to join the team as a franchisee I thought it was perfect as I was still able to be around the industry without being directly in it.”

With no business background, Max didn’t know where to start when it came to setting himself up, so a franchise made perfect sense. He could get support from Snap-on whenever he needed it.

“The advantage with Snap-on is that there is a lot of training, guidance and support from the very beginning,” Max says. 

“The support from head office is really impressive, whether it’s IT, advertising, purchasing or marketing, they’re multifaceted in their approach and support.

“When you think of what we all went through in 2020, Snap-on never left my side. The support was incredible from head office,” he says.

“They are there to help you out and knowing that they’re with you the whole way – it fills you with confidence.” 

But it’s not just assistance from head office that ensures success; the support from the franchisee network is also invaluable. Franchisees are there to give tips on products, demonstrations and advice on working with customers. And it’s the relationship with the customer that pays dividends.

“Whether it’s a new or existing customer, you build really close relationships with the customers through regular contact.

“I love being able to provide a service and know that I am supporting myself rather working for someone else.”

His advice for someone considering a Snap-on franchise is to talk to their local franchisee and to take the discovery tour.

“They’ll explain all the methods and the advantages of having your own business, I wish I’d done it sooner,” Max admits.

“Other than that, just give it a go. Get around people. Don’t stand back, grab the opportunity and make it yours. You won’t regret it for a second.”

This is an edited extract from the cover story in Inside Franchise Business magazine, May/July 2021. Read the full story here.