Why I love my job: Snap’s Kevin Lacey

There’s more to fostering positive relationships with franchisees than measuring performance. Kevin Lacey, in his role as national franchise manager at print store chain Snap Franchising, reveals how he evaluates success and what makes the franchise relationship work.

Why I love my job

Working for Snap first and foremost gives me the ability to work with different individuals coming from varied backgrounds and experiences, helping them to develop the next phases of their business journey. Whilst the role inadvertently focuses predominately on franchise recruitment, it also involves communicating and fostering positive relationships with all departments within the brand, including key franchise partners, companies, and personnel.

How do you measure success?

While there are typical systems of measurement in place such as conversion rates, lead generations, and cost per lead, the ultimate measure that I look at is the overall quality of performance for the franchise partner in the initial 12-month period. This measure determines that we have done our due diligence with the partner throughout the entirety of their initial journey, enabling for success and continued growth of the franchise in future.

What is the key to successful franchise recruitment?

The key to success is having a structured visual process in place and ensuring that this process is worked through with each of the prospective franchisees. It is vital that these prospects are fully aware of each step throughout the journey to becoming a Snap franchisee.

What do you do differently to other franchise recruiters?

In my experience, what I find works best is developing a personable and open dialogue in order to create an enjoyable experience. Generally, the notion of price isn’t brought into the conversation until the potential prospect is ready to consider the secondary stages of their journey. It is also during this time where I get to see how the prospective partner can fit into the Snap brand as a potential new franchise owner. 

Once the franchisees are on board, what engagement do you have with them?

Generally speaking I have continual engagement with franchisees across their initial 10-year agreement. This support extends from leasing negotiations and proposals to different saving applications for their business.

How have you helped franchisees with their financial needs?

In my time with Snap to date, I have enabled for the brand to be accredited with partners such as Franchise Finance Australia, National Fleet Finance, SME Financial Group, and Next Asset Finance. These partnerships have provided our franchisees the ability to utilise specific accredited lenders based on their individual requirements, from purchasing a new Snap Centre right through to helping update technology assets within their business. This in turn has helped with cost saving and efficiencies in their business developments.

What is the most important element in franchisee/franchisor relationships?

First and foremost, there must be an open and transparent dialogue from both parties (franchisor and franchisee) from the beginning in order to establish a mutually beneficial relationship. This ultimately helps with building a foundation of trust and honesty between both identities.

What is your goal for the upcoming 12-months?

As well as implementing a new franchise introductory model for franchise prospects to consider, I’ll be looking to build on the foundations set in the last financial year and welcome another 15 new franchisees into their Snap centre business.