Lord of the Fries founders launch plant-based bakery

By Nick Hall | 26 Nov 2018 View comments

The notion of a traditional French-inspired bakery gone vegan is hardly traditional at all, but that’s exactly what Lord of the Fries founders Amanda Walker and Mark and Sam Koromcyzk have done.

Weirdoughs is the latest plant-based venture from the restaurateurs, who launched originally vegetarian, now solely vegan franchise Lord of the Fries in 2004.

“We had been tossing around ideas for a creative new food brand, when we connected with some like-minded entrepreneurs who had similar plant-based dreams,” the founders said.

“We wanted to continue introducing traditionally non-vegan foods to the scene where the food would exceed the expectations of the dairy counterpart & similar to LOTF, focus on the great taste.”

The bakery, located in Flinders Lane in Melbourne has an alternating day/night menu, with Friday and Saturday nights reserved for Weirdoughs After Dark, for the late-night sweet cravings.

Former executive pastry chef, Kane Neale was tasked with perfecting the vegan butter recipe, which Koroncyzk and Walker said is indistinguishable from traditional ingredients.

“We went for the gold standard, traditional French pastries, a combination of sweet and savoury twists to the traditional expectations,” the founders said.

“Think pecan pie croissant, gold custard donut, cube croissant…better than your weirdest dreams!”