The Little Cha expansion targets 30 new stores

By Nick Hall | 15 Apr 2019 View comments

The Little Cha expansion efforts are underway, with the brand announcing national growth plans.

The bubble tea franchise’s proposed growth will see 30 new stores across Australia over the next two to three years, starting with a new site opening in Melbourne this year. The Little Cha has grown steadily since launching in 2017, with a network of 10 locations across New South Wales Western Australia and Taiwan.

The Little Cha expansion is driven primarily by the low entry price point, giving new franchisees the opportunity to enter the booming bubble tea business.

“The Bubble Tea industry has extreme growth potential. If you look back to 5 years ago Bubble Tea was a concept very fresh and unknown to Australians, compared to now where the product is a known and loved staple in Australian’s diets,” The Little Cha founder said.

With a firm focus on bringing Eastern flavours to a Western audience, The Little Cha expansion will target growth areas such as Geelong, Newcastle and the Sunshine Coast.

“Around 70 per cent of The Little Cha customer-base originates from a Westernised culture – this is a very good indication that we are reaching our goals and target market. Whilst there is still a focus on the Asian demographic, we know and believe that there is room for growth for the Western demographic also,” The Little Cha founder said.

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