KX Pilates’ 50 franchise milestone boosts international growth

By Nick Hall | 12 Sep 2018 View comments

Inside Franchise Business: KX Pilates founder and CEO, Aaron SmithAward winning Australian fitness franchise, KX Pilates has this week celebrated two significant milestones with the opening of the network’s 50th studio location in Hobart, Tasmania and the brand’s first international studio in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The brand was launched in 2010 and offers high-intensity, body-toning workouts in 50 minutes, combining elements of traditional pilates with the booming functional fitness movement, and last year achieved an annual revenue of $20 million.

Aaron Smith, KX Pilates founder and CEO said the milestone demonstrated the need for a viable and affordable alternative in the fitness franchise industry.

“We have identified the potential for between 120 and 150 KX locations across Australia and we have set ourselves a new goal to achieve that within the next five years,” Smith said.

“While we are keen to see the brand grow, we are also careful about oversaturation and expanding sustainably.  As a company we are mindful that there is no value in opening double the number of studios required and for them to only half-fill, as it doesn’t benefit our franchisees and it damages the brand.”

As a result, Smith and the brand carefully plotted the oversea expansion, earmarking South-East Asia as a primary target for continued growth.

“Having run KX Pilates retreats in Bali for a number of years I have become familiar with the market and recognized the potential for a boutique fitness offer like KX Pilates,” Smith said.

“We did our due diligence and found a local partner who we believe has the ability to help us reach at least 25 studios in Indonesia over the coming five years. We have a big vision for the future but everything we do is backed by thorough research and consultation.”

For KX Pilates, the secret to franchise success has come from positive franchise recruitment, with Smith suggesting a clear career path from trainer to owner to franchisee was a strong contributor to growth.

“Trainers make good franchisees because they believe in the product and align with the KX culture. We then guide them on their business journey to help set them up for success,” Smith said

“I entered into franchising because I’m passionate about people achieving their dreams of owning their own business and reaching financial freedom.”

Locally, the 50th studio marks KX Pilates first venture into Tasmania, and is owned by Australia Cricketer Matthew Wade and his wife Julia, who has been a devoted KX fan since 2010.