World-first KFC Drive-Through Only outlet unveiled

By Nick Hall | 25 Nov 2019 View comments

A franchise icon has launched a world-first Down Under this week, with the five lane KFC Drive-Through Only outlet official unveiled to the public.

The first of its kind, the Newcastle outlet was announced in July, however on Wednesday, fans finally got to see the new format in action.

The latest KFC Drive-Through Only concept is the latest in a long-line of technological innovations released by KFC this year, and comes off the back of increasing digital ordering.

KFC Drive-Through Only concept

According to the iconic chicken chain, the KFC Drive-Through Only outlet concept was developed through extensive research on digital habits and customer data. Click and collect and delivery formats have grown significantly in popularity, with Australians making over 68 million online food orders per year, amounting to an overall spend of $2.6bn in the last 12 months.

In response to the developing market, the business adjusted its model accordingly, implementing a pre-pay system where customers can purchase their meal via the KFC App or website before arriving at the Newcastle outlet.

Upon arriving at the new KFC Drive-Through Only store, customers enter a unique four-digit code generated through the app or website into a touchscreen receiver, transmitting their order to the kitchen.

Inara Gravitis, chief development officer at KFC Australia said that as a leader in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) space, it was pivotal the chain implemented initiatives that align with evolving consumer demands.

“We are continually looking for ways to offer our customers even faster and more convenient ordering. KFC is committed to investing in technology and innovative restaurant designs,” Gravitis said.

“Since launching the app in 2013, it’s been downloaded more than 1.3 million times, making our customers’ ordering experience as customisable, convenient and time-saving as possible.

KFC developments

While the new KFC Drive Through Only outlet is set to redefine the traditional fast-food landscape, the chain has been careful not to alienate existing customers.

Of the five-lanes, two lanes will have traditional order options, alongside three online pick-up lanes, meaning everyone can experience the convenience of the new format.

The new KFC Drive Through Only outlet is a boon for the local Newcastle market, with the concept serving as a trial for future implementation worldwide.