Technology drives latest development at Domino’s

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

Pizza franchise Domino’s plans to improve its pizza delivery with a new tracking system. 

Domino’s is launching a GPS Driver Tracker not only for the safety of drivers, which the company claims will shake up the pizzeria industry, but to provide customers with a live update of their order’s whereabouts.

Inspired by consumer-need convenience the GPS tracking technology works rather like alternative taxi service, Uber, which tracks its drivers.

Domino’s CEO and managing director Don Meij said that while the tracking device will provide customers with a comprehensive overview of where their food is it will also improve driver’s safety.

“We’ve always been a safe business but were now taking it to the next level and gaining a new level of transparency over our drivers,” Meij said.

The new technology will generate real time unsafe driving behaviour reports which Meij said will set the benchmark for driving behaviours across the industry.

“We trialled the tracker technology in 50 Domino’s stores across Australia, in some stores for up to 18 months before launch and we watched the number of driver incidents reduce by 50 percent,” Meij said.

The national rollout of Domino’s GPS Driver Tracker through its Australia and New Zealand stores is set for Wednesday July 1, 2015.