InXpress Asia Pacific operations relocate

By Sarah Stowe | 08 Aug 2016 View comments

Global courier and freight sales consulting franchise InXpress Asia Pacific is set to relocate operations based in the Philippines to its corporate head office in North Lakes, Queensland. InXpress Asia Pacific is set to relocate operations to QLD. Image: InXpress 

“This is the strongest management team we’ve ever had in place and we’ve witnessed another leap in service quality to the entire country operation, new sets of initiatives and an increase in the quality of communication to franchisees and customers alike,” said Lindsay Birley, CEO, InXpress Asia Pacific.

The restructure is designed to set the platform for a sustainable model of intra-company (internally managed) training and education.   

Basing the team in the North Lakes headquarters allows for ease of training, cross-functional learning, access to on-the-job multi-discipline activity and is designed to foster an environment of increased productivity and staff engagement.

InXpress Asia Pacific currently has 101 franchisees across the six countries with more than 40 franchisees in Australia projected by the end of the year.

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