Invest in the future, invest in financial services

By Sarah Stowe | 27 Aug 2015 View comments

What business will you choose as the vehicle to drive you to your goals?
When you pick the industry you plan to invest in, there’s no doubt you’ll be looking to see what has potential to grow over the years of your franchise term.  
Over the past few years there have been plenty of piping-hot business sectors – the trouble is, they tend to cool and sometimes even disappear.
A stable business with long-term prospects is a more appealing option; steady growth in a sector that has customer retention and an ongoing demand for its services make for a more confident investment.
The latest figures reveal the Australian housing market is now worth a staggering $6 trillion.
Australians will continue to flock to new housing developments and drive the real estate market as the population growth remains on an upward trend.
Reflecting the housing trends, the mortgage broking industry shows no signs of a slow down: analysis firm IbisWorld shows firm annual growth, with 52% of Australians now turning to mortgage brokers to finance their property purchases.
It isn’t just new homes and real estate purchases that require home loans: 25 percent of Australians who already held a mortgage have, in the past two years, refinanced their home loan for their existing property.
And Australia has a strong tradition of investment property: one in four households live in rental accommodation owned by a private landlord, who frequently needs to source the relevant mortgage.
Add to this the ever-growing options available to brokers to extend to their customers, and the decision to invest in a Mortgage Choice franchise makes even more sense.
Diversification provides business strength and allows franchisees to offer a suite of financial services to customers to help drive loyalty and brand engagement.
The portfolio of a Mortgage Choice franchisee can also include financial planning, personal loans and a variety of insurance products – all in demand with an increasingly savvy, and ageing population.
As the demographics change to reveal an Australia with a high proportion of seniors, so the demands of the market evolve. 
As a nation Australians are looking to maximise their savings, and find ways to increase their assets in the long term.  Being able to offer a series of products that can assist with this strategic wealth management puts franchisees backed by a well-respected brand in a favourable position.
Of course this package of service offers allows for multiple income streams for the franchisee, always a bonus for a business. It means the franchisee can provide solutions for customers wanting a multi-faceted approach to their money management. 
Mortgage Choice can offer you the opportunity to reach your goals through investment in an industry with a future. Click here to find out more.