Industry Spotlight: Burgers

By Nick Hall | 17 Oct 2018 View comments

Australia’s obsession with burgers has prompted a shift in the franchise industry that sees consumer demand stretch far beyond the humble cheeseburger.

Over the last five years, the burger business has boomed, rising to a yearly revenue of around $8b with the latest report from IBISWorld indicating the strong market growth is expected to continue.

The success of up-scaled dine-in/bar offerings such as Chur Burger and Huxtaburger sees the industry explore new territory and franchise brands establish a greater differential for market share.

Inside Franchise Business takes a bite out the burger business, showcasing three brands at the heart of the industry’s success.


Melbourne franchise favourites, Huxtaburger have been carving out a reputation for up-market burger creations with a bar offering.

Since opening in 2011, the brand has leveraged its vibrant personality and social media strategy to build a successful franchise model that has experienced strong network growth.

Earlier this year, Inside Franchise Business reported that Huxtaburger had launched its initial New South Wales location, coinciding with the announcement of a deal that will see 20 new Huxtaburgers hit the scene.

Franchisees with the brand are offered full access to Huxtaburger’s support office, an existing store in the network, on-site training and private coaching lessons to help them achieve their business goals.


One of Australia’s most recognisable franchise brands, Oporto, home of the Bondi Burger has been serving spicy, Portuguese chicken since 1986.

Now, the 100 per cent Aussie-owned business has over 160 locations in Australia and New Zealand, with a network of passionate franchise owners and support staff.

As the brand gears up for international growth, Oporto is looking to diversify its current portfolio, seeking franchisees who are committed, business-minded entrepreneurs.

Oporto franchisees receive full support in regard to store design, leasing negotiations, site acquisition, project management and construction, allowing all new business-owners to commence operations with piece of mind.

Oporto also provides coaching and training programs to help franchisees grow, with experienced mentors able to offer assistance in areas such as marketing, customer experience, profitability and health and safety.

Taco Burger

Mexican restaurant brand, Taco Burger is putting a spin on the traditional burger industry, providing Australians with a fresh and flavoursome franchise opportunity.

The brand has the backing of an experienced QSR franchise network, with founder Darren Faulkner serving as crew, staff and management for some the world’s largest franchise brands.

The unique offering was developed in Western Australia, and has grown steadily, opening new locations in Queensland to great success.

Industry Future

With growth expected to continue well into the future, Australia’s network of burger offerings is predicted to become more specialised.

Partnerships with food delivery platforms such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo have changed the way fast-food businesses operate, and as a result the expansion models for certain burger offerings will differ moving forward, such as those seen with Taco Burger’s Ghost Kitchen model.

If you are ready to grill up a new career, consider the booming burger business.