HR Dept franchisees record “outstanding” revenue growth

HR professionals who have joined the HR Dept network are reporting excellent revenue growth in the last nine months.

Managing director, Pia Engstrom, who in October 2020 took over full ownership of the Australian business (HR Dept is a UK-based business model), is pleased with the performance levels across the franchise.

“While the increase in revenue from the franchisees is outstanding, another pleasing aspect of their performance has been the encouraging increase in retained clients. This demonstrates that our franchisees are understanding the model better and that the HR Dept is becoming a more trusted brand in the market,” Pia told Inside Franchise Business.

There are currently five franchises in Western Australia, four in New South Wales and one in Victoria who have driven their businesses to new heights, she reports.

The most standout performance is a revenue increase of more than 300 per cent for the top performing franchisee.

In a comparison from this financial year to the previous year (FY 19/20):

  • Network total revenue increase: 113 per cent
  • Average franchisee business growth: 112 per cent
  • Best franchisee revenue increase: more than 300 per cent
  • Network revenue: over $2m

All HR Dept franchisees are human resource professionals who have swapped their corporate lifestyle for business ownership.

Franchisee Chris Muir-Smith says “Having been a part of the franchise network since February 2018 and as I continue to follow the HR Dept model, I have seen my revenue significantly increase each year. I’m thrilled to see that investing in the HR Dept franchise continues to be a good investment.”