How you could turn your passion for changing lives into a profitable business

By Sarah Stowe | 14 Sep 2016 View comments

Do you have a passion for changing lives? Are you after a rewarding career? This model may just be the right fit. Su and Harriet Cox. Image: Home Instead

Su Middleton is in business with her daughter, Harriet Cox, and the pair has owned Home Instead’s Wollongong franchise for almost two years.

“As female business owners, it has given us enormous satisfaction and pride to be able to offer employment and training to the growing workforce of mature women who were struggling to find meaningful employment,” says Cox.

“We have been able to offer these women the opportunity to obtain a nationally recognised qualification.

“Su is now so proud of the fact that, in her 50s, she was finally able to take this step and more importantly motivate and inspire me to make this move with her,” she adds.

And the benefits of a franchise model are three fold, according to Middleton.

“We can direct and influence our business,” she explains.

“We’ve got the brand behind us, and we’ve got the best of both worlds.”

Middleton says that some of the benefits of the model include: branding, shared philosophy, training, resources and head office support at any time.

And working with her daughter has its benefits too.

“We have a shared work ethic and work together well,” she adds.

“We certainly encourage other women to do this.”        

However, she says some challenges include setting up a business, building a reputation and a team.

Middleton's advice for potential buyers is to obtain legal and financial advice, and conduct a plenty of research before making a purchase.          

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