How Valenta BPO is preparing franchise owners for success

By Sponsored | 29 Nov 2018 View comments

For many small business owners, the reality of operation can be a daunting task. While passion, effort and pride are important elements in the development of a strong business model, outside factors such as rising overheads can dampen the spirits of even the most enthusiastic entrepreneur.

Business ownership presents opportunities for career growth, self-sufficiency, and personal fulfilment, with many Australians up to the challenge of self-employment and entrepreneurship.

According to the CGU Insurance Ambition Index, 75 per cent of the country identified as ambitious, with over 50 per cent revealing they had considered starting a business in the last five years.

Sadly however, ambition is often counteracted by small business worries, such as staff recruitment, rising rents, employee retention, infrastructure costs and workplace disputes.

Sole-operator franchise businesses in the handy-man and manual labour markets have been able to transcend these challenges, due to their ‘man-in-a-van’ model, but until recently, there had been no corporate equivalent.

Outsourcing professional, Valenta BPO has carved out a strong reputation for helping businesses improve digital competence and operational performance over a number of years.

Now the outsourced staffing specialists are looking to expand their global footprint with a number of franchise opportunities on offer to executive and corporate workers looking to broaden their professional horizons.

The varied nature of the outsourcing business lends itself to entrepreneurs with an extensive knowledge of any industry willing to work with a diverse set of clients.

The brand takes care of all operational duties, mitigating the need for worry and vastly improving the prospective franchise owner’s potential for success.

By removing issues relating to staff training, recruitment and retention, as well as negating the need for physical overheads, Valenta franchise owners are free to focus on their core competencies, bringing in new business and deepening client relationships.

Furthermore, the franchise opportunity presents a low-cost entry to the market, and can be established quickly, allowing partners to initiate operations without the looming reality of large debt hanging over them.

If you are an experienced executive, or have deep industry knowledge, speak with Valenta about securing your future with a globally represented brand today. Visit for more information.