How to avoid paying too much for franchise advice [video]

By Nick Hall | 21 Jan 2019 View comments

In any franchise business, there will be a number of financial decisions that dictate your potential for success, one of those being the procuring of professional advice.

Franchise systems are inherently different to traditional stand-alone operations, and as such present their own unique challenges and benefits.

Having the backing of a qualified and experienced franchise professional, from both a legal and financial standing will allow you to traverse those challenges with confidence and build your business from the ground up.

Many franchise buyers believe that seeking help is an avoidable expense, however professional expertise should be viewed as a long-term investment.

If you spend the capital now to ensure that your business is operating within its own means and the means of the law, you may save yourself from a major headache down the track.

Along with Kerry Miles, founder and director of not-for-profit franchise advisory FranchiseED, we put together our top tips for finding the best advice at the right price.