How digitalisation is driving growth at Snap

By Sponsored | 29 Oct 2018 View comments

The contemporary business environment, both locally and internationally, is a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Over the past ten years, there has been undeniable trend towards the diversification of marketing collateral, however, reports indicate that brands that leverage a multi-faceted marketing approach garner the greatest results.

Having a print marketing strategy to compliment the growing significance of digital communications provides businesses with a multi-channel and tactile experience that creates a lasting memory for consumers.

According to a study from EFI Connect, 47 per cent of printed marketing materials link to online digital channels, presenting a diverse, innovative and flexible mix that can work cohesively with online efforts.

The evolution of the industry sees print media’s growth opportunity in value added collateral, shifting from transactional print to marketing activity that drives new industry technology.

A trend towards personalisation and specialised niche offerings is certain to increase the growth propensity for print media, in a collaborative effort with digital initiatives that drive brand marketing.

Research from iProspect has revealed that 67 per cent of online searches are driven by offline messages, such as the integration of innovative marketing options like scannable QR codes that link to the same landing page that emails, SMS messages and social media pages do.

As the digital marketing space develops, print marketing solutions are evolving to complement, with Australian franchising icon, Snap Franchising Limited leading the charge.

The brand has embraced technological innovation through the introduction of new products and services, providing consumers with the best of traditional print and online marketing solutions.

A focus on wide format printing as well as packaging and labels have all been integrated into the brand’s growth strategy, aimed at providing current and future franchisees with industry-leading technology and the best tools for success.

While 3D printing remains in its infancy, the service presents a potential future growth opportunity, with unheralded benefits that have already impacted the health, schooling and architecture industries.

Personalisation, on the other hand has seen a steady increase in demand, demonstrated through the explosion of luxury brands, increased globalisation of consumer goods and a growing proliferation of private label brands.

As the demand for personalisation of packaging grows, marketers will look to create a more cohesive customer journey, using print in order to leverage variable data.

The team at Snap has been working hard to develop structures that utilise the industry’s newly identified growth opportunities to improve franchisee success in a rapidly evolving marketing landscape.

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