How a burger business made its mark via controversial advertising

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

Burger Urge is a Brisbane-based burger business that has used controversial albeit creative advertising campaigns to differentiate itself from its competitors.

While the company’s campaigns have attracted criticism from a drug rehabilitation centre and groups such as the Australian Christian Lobby, Sean Carthew, director, Burger Urge told Franchising the campaigns have definitely worked in the company’s favour.

“For a small business we get more than our fair share of exposure in the media and it is very hard when you don’t have a multimillion dollar marketing budget to get your brand out there.

“The product we sell is not a groundbreaking invention, burgers have been around for a while, we just have a different take on them,” he said.

While the advertising campaigns may offend some, Carthew feels they appeal to the company’s target market.

“Our target market is generally younger people and I think that they find the campaigns quite fun. If anything they think it is quite humorous that these particular groups have made complaints.

“They sort of see the campaigns for what they are and to be honest – it makes them like our brand more because we are not trying to be generic, we are just trying to cater to our market, which I think gives us some credibility,” he said.

There are currently five Burger Urge stores in operation, all within a 5km radius of the Brisbane CBD.

The company is fairly new to franchising, having opened its first franchise store in November last year, however it has further plans for expansion.

“We are looking to open another three to five franchise stores this year. We expect to concentrate our efforts in greater Brisbane for the next couple of years, and then we will move interstate depending on how things are going.

“We don’t want to rush things, we want to just go slow and steady and do things well,” said Carthew.

Interested franchisees are encouraged to submit an enquiry via the company’s website. A company representative will then contact them in due course to discuss possible franchising opportunities in greater detail. 

“Ultimately we are looking for people with some experience in the hospitality industry, who have a passion for food and who are willing to work in the business at least for the first 12 months,” said Carthew.

He said the company offers a comprehensive six week training program for franchisees.

“We run through everything from operating the till system and cooking food theough to health and safety and the management side of things such as rostering and stock and cash management. We will be offering franchises everything that they need.”

If you are based in Brisbane and interested in a company that offers something a little different from the norm, Burger Urge may very well be for you.