How 7-Eleven’s systems and processes support franchisee success

By Sponsored | 07 Dec 2018 View comments

7-Eleven is Australia’s largest convenience chain with more than 680 stores across Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and Western Australia. It is Australia’s third largest private company, with more than 40 years’ experience in retail and franchising.

The company’s well established systems and processes for operating a store make it simpler for franchisees to set expectations and manage their teams to succeed.

According to general manager retail operations, Braeden Lord, clear objectives for each shift each day are an important part of setting your store up to operate to the required standards, and being well positioned to drive sales.

“It’s important that each time a customer shops in your store, it is clean, tidy and well prepared to maximise sales. If each shift is not focused on completing the right tasks at the right times, it’s hard to deliver high in-store standards, and keep the store well stocked to make the most of every sales opportunity.” Lord said.

Access to tried and tested systems and processes is one of the benefits to working with an established franchise such as 7-Eleven. For example, 7-Eleven has a roadmap of shift tasks, and regular tasks for store based team members and store leaders.

“The roadmap ensures all the tasks that ensure a store operates correctly and provide a great experience to customers are completed. Our roadmaps were developed and tested in our corporate stores, and have been rolled out for our franchisees to use. They make it easier for a store leader to set clear expectations for their team members, and cross check those tasks, providing coaching or recognition as required,” Lord said.

Lord said the roadmap system helps busy store leaders to manage the spread of tasks required across shifts throughout the day.

“For example, the night shift team members usually have less customer traffic to manage, but this shift is critical to preparing the store to trade for the day. The night shift ensures the store is clean and well stocked, that the merchandising is correct, deliveries are put away, and towards the end of the shift, that hot pastries, food items and the coffee offer is ready. In some stores the busy morning trade period can start well before 6am so the night shift plays an important role in having high quality product ready to sell in a well presented store.”

The roadmaps also serve as a checklist for store leaders to regularly monitor the standards in their store, and proactively work with their retail business manager to improve.

“Stores that offer great service and high standards are well positioned to grow. By completing self-assessments regularly, combined with our schedule of independent assessments, our store leaders can work with their retail business managers to focus on every opportunity they have to improve their business and boost performance,” Lord said.

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