Hotshot tips for recruiting franchisees from your team

By Sarah Stowe | 15 Jan 2019 View comments

How can you best recruit from within? At Quest Apartment Hotels 30 per cent of the current network is home grown and 11 people from within the organisation have been recruited as franchisees in the past two years. Here Otti Faska, director – franchise establishment, shares some insights on the internal recruitment process.

How Quest turns team members into franchisees

Q: Is there a specific strategy and program to bring existing team members in to franchise ownership?

A: Quest has recruited franchisees from within the organisation over the past 30 years, very openly and in a supportive fashion. Up until recently however, this was quite an organic process. In 2017, Quest introduced a formal program and process – The Franchisee Accelerator Program (FAP).

The Franchisee Accelerator Program (FAP) was developed specifically to educate aspiring team members about what it takes to own a Quest franchise business.

Q: How do you identify potential franchisees?

A: We are open to looking at candidates across all areas of our business and rely on our staff to identify high-performing team members that they believe possess the qualities to be a successful Quest franchisee. We also encourage people to nominate themselves if it is a career they are passionate about.

The qualities that we look for in a potential franchisee include a strong work ethic, an appetite to own and operate their own business and an openness to embrace a joint venture partnership.

Q: What are the key steps you take to transition them? 

A: The transition process is rigorous and extremely thorough. There are two stages: the FAP as well as an intensive seven stage Quest franchise selection process which ensures all potential franchisees understand what they are getting into with comprehensive interviews, finance and social media checks, on the job evaluation and preparation of business plans and budgets.

Both these processes aid the filtering of those who are not ready for the next step or for the commitment required, transitioning from employee to business owner.

Q: Have any of these processes gone wrong and if so, how did you handle them?

A: There is no specific case to note where something has gone wrong but over time it was identified that introducing a formal process which allowed for thorough review and mentoring was required.

Q: What have you learned about recruiting from within?

A: No shortcuts are to be taken and the process is there to safeguard both potential franchisees and the Quest business.

Every individual must be treated equally throughout the process ensuring there is clear understanding of the requirements in becoming a franchisee and an opportunity for both parties to identify potential learning gaps.