On a winning streak: Home Caring surges ahead

Home Caring Group is experiencing rapid growth, thanks to its service model and a joint venture partnership with franchisees.


To its clients, Home Caring offers Australians from all backgrounds bespoke home care plans with a full suite of tailored services, from domestic help and personal care to support coordination, allied health therapy and community engagement.

What is crucial is that all this is available through NDIS, home care package or private funding.

Home Caring surges ahead

Michaela Brown, Home Caring Group’s national operations manager, believes what makes this model so effective is its client-centric approach, applying the organisation’s values of empathy, respect and passion for excellent care.

“In our experience, these core values make a significant difference between just performing tasks, and actually creating high quality care and support services that improve the lives of our clients all around Australia,” says Brown.

“We don’t just tick the boxes – we do everything with compassion and attention to detail, treating the client like a real person,” she says.

“What’s more, we are well-placed to deliver this kind of care that is so popular with people. Our high quality services are support by a large back-end and system,” she adds. “You’re getting highly individualised care from local workers who understand you, but with the advantages of being backed by a big company back-office.”

Finding the right franchisee

The key to offering effective personalised care is having franchisees with local knowledge. 

Bill Lockett, Home Caring Group’s franchise manager, says finding the right franchisee has proven to be essential to the company’s success.

“We have succeeded because we’ve found the right franchisees into the business. We have such a diverse range of people from different communities – Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese, English, Brazilian, Ghanaian.”

Home Caring Group’s joint venture offers selected franchise applicants a 50/50 partnership, which essentially cuts their initial investment by half.

“We also pay the franchisee a salary, allowing them to focus on building the business knowing their personal finances are secure – especially in those crucial early years of getting their franchise off the ground,” says Locket.

“In our partnership model, a suitable applicant is able to get into the business at half the price it would normally cost on the market,” he says. “In addition, we know it’s always difficult to start a business and make any money in the first year, so we pay salary to the franchisee from the day they start. That takes away all those worries of paying bills, giving them time and energy to put into the real core of the business.” 

“Most of our people are coming from the healthcare sector. They have the skills and personality to succeed and deliver excellent care, but they’re not necessarily experienced at running a business. Our franchise model is attractive because they get training and knowledge on how to execute their business plan.”

“This is ultimately good for the client too, as a better business means better care that really makes a difference in their lives.”

Dementia Caring, part of the Home Caring Group, has just been ranked 11th in the Australian Financial Review Top 100 ‘Fast Starters’ list for 2020.