Why Home Caring is a magnet for franchisees

By Sarah Stowe | 04 Sep 2019 View comments

Home Caring is forging ahead in its sector, so what is it doing to recruit top franchisees?

Founder and managing director Jon Kontopos says credibility is absolutely fundamental for a business in the healthcare sector.

Home Caring is a newbie in the field of home-based aged, dementia and disability care. Kontopos launched the business just 12 months ago after personal experience drew him to the sector. He immediately spotted the demand potential.

How Home Caring is a magnet for franchisees

He was inspired by the joint venture franchise at Laser Clinics Australia and worked with consultant Bill Lockett to establish a 50/50 investment partnership franchise agreement.

Kontopos told Inside Franchise Business, “The 50/50 alignment is appealing. The franchisee gets a salary, and can focus on the business. It’s a strong loyal partnership between the franchisee and me, it’s priced right, it’s a joint venture.”

The key requirement is that a registered nurse is involved in the operation of the business. It doesn’t limit opportunities to medical staff though as business experienced investors can buy into the franchise if they employ an appropriately qualified manager.

However there’s a reduction to the $80,000 salary if the franchisee lacks the appropriate qualification and has to employ a nurse.

Bill Lockett points out the importance of transparency across the franchise. “When we developed the system, it was more so we are as transparent and open as any franchise could be.”

This year corporate units in Melbourne and Brisbane have been opened and off this there will be two franchisees in Brisbane.

Lockett and Kontopos are confident 10 units will be operating in the network very soon.

“We have an outstanding number of recruits,” says Lockett. He has been leading the recruitment process and has trialled different channels and methods of franchise recruitment.

“We tried specialist healthcare publications but long term it’s not so successful. We get good responses from EDMs, and online applications.

“I get back to them in 24 hours and you can tell who will become a franchisee by how quickly they respond.”

Why cultural preferences are important

A community focus is a crucial part of successfully operating a Home Caring franchise. And there’s a real benefit in diversity says Kontopos. “As part of the ageing process we tend to stick with our cultural preferences.”

So that’s why there’s a clear focus on bringing in franchisees who have strong connections with their local communities.

The line-up of existing and incoming franchisees is testament to this. Home Caring franchisees have Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian Fijian, Spanish, Ghanain, English and Australian backgrounds.

“The secret to success is the variety of cultures, the connection to community, wanting to give back,” says Kontopos.

An authentic, caring approach is essential for the franchisee. “We established the sort of person we are looking for, who they are, how they behave.”

Lockett’s top recruitment tip

“You have to experiment and try different channels, sometimes magazines work well but give each a trial. It’s not how many leads you get but how many convert.”