High satisfaction levels for Priceline franchisees

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

If Priceline's recently released Franchise Satisfaction Survey is anything to go by, franchisees' satisfaction with the brand is not only high, but on the rise. 

The surveys, which are compiled annually, highlight franchisee satisfaction has both steadily increased and remained well above the franchise sector average over the past six years.

“It’s pleasing that we’re improving our satisfaction scores every year, particularly because we’re coming off such a high base,” said Stephen Roche, managing director and CEO at API, Priceline’s umbrella company.

“The pharmacist is at the centre of the Priceline Pharmacy proposition and it is critical to our business success that we deliver for our franchisees in the areas that they deem to be important.”

Roche notes Priceline’s marketing strategies, including its Sister Club loyalty program, are particularly effective.

“With a membership of 4.3 million, a 10 percent increase on 2012, and basket sizes that are typically 50 percent greater than those of non-members, ongoing promotion and growth of Sister Club has substantial financial benefits to franchise partners,” he said.

The support afforded to franchisees by the brand is also well regarded, with survey results uncovering they remain strongly satisfied with the Priceline Pharmacy field support team.

Franchisees are also pleased with the brand's support in areas including communication, training and dispensary support, particularly in relation to Priceline’s generics offering.