Hate the idea of cleaning? This could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for

By Sarah Stowe | 19 Aug 2020 View comments

If you are turned off by the idea of cleaning, you could be tempted to turn the page. But, if you do, you might miss out on the chance to earn a hefty, recurring income without ever touching a duster, bucket or mop.

“Our Urban Clean Regional opportunity is about management and coaching,” says founder Damien Boehm. “Our Regional Partners recruit people who are looking for an after-hours part time business. They then help them achieve their goals by showing them how to run that business successfully.”

They bank a regular, reliable profit – even when they’re not working. And there’s real satisfaction in helping people to boost their income or earn a generous living around family commitments.

The perfect time

Commercial cleaning has never been more relevant.

“Covid-19 has put cleanliness, safety and hygiene at the top of everyone’s mind,” Boehm says. “As businesses such as restaurants, play centres and gyms struggle to cope with dwindling demand, essential services like Urban Clean are experiencing a surge in interest.”

Cashflow plus freedom

Before Urban Clean, Boehm tried his hand at property development, consulting, share trading and more.

“I was searching for the holy grail – a  business that generated strong upfront returns and residual cashflow but also gave me time, flexibility and freedom,” he says. “Everything fell short until I saw the potential of commercial cleaning.”

Over the next four years Boehm developed a business model that enables his Regional Partners to generate a recurring six-figure income. He grew a network of over 100 franchises across Australia. And now, in partnership with global entrepreneur Brad Sugars, he’s taking this model into international markets.

Step by step to success

The Urban Clean regional opportunity is built on Boehm’s years of investment, trial and error and eventual success.

“I documented and systemised everything I’d learned about winning cleaning contracts as well as recruiting, onboarding and supporting franchisees,” he says. “The result was a foolproof, three-step system other people can now follow.”

Regional partners receive an upfront sum each time they recruit a franchise partner. Once the new recruit is up and running, they receive an ongoing income stream.

“You can build equity in your business by developing your own exclusive territory,” Boehm says. “And there’s more money to be made by adding new commercial cleaning contracts and through the sale of our cleaning products.”

Find out if it’s right for you

You don’t need experience in cleaning or a background in the cleaning industry to become a successful Regional Partner.

“If you have some sales experience and coaching skills we can provide all the information and support you need,” Boehm says. “After the initial training you’ll have access to ongoing workshops and programs as well as a personal Business Coach. Your success is our success, and we’re committed to helping you build the income and lifestyle you want.”

For more information, visit https://www.franchisebusiness.com.au/brands/urban-clean/