Goodbye to gym contracts, hello to a flexible future

By Sarah Stowe | 27 Oct 2016 View comments

If you’ve chosen the wrong gym, you’re stuck with contracted, expensive ongoing membership fees. It's time to say hello to a flexible future.

It’s something that franchise brands in the fitness sector have been addressing for some time.

And it’s the scenario that has spurred on a new Queensland startup to establish a simple all-inclusive online platform, which places complete freedom back into the hands of gym-goers. allows individuals to view and compare facilities of multiple gyms in their local area and then helps them through the entire membership process.

Research by indicates that more than 60 percent of survey respondents had found it difficult to cancel their gym membership. More than 90 percent of respondents said they would use a platform which allows them to join and cancel their membership online.

With the fitness industry expanding at five percent annually and an influx of new fitness providers ranging from boutique group training studios, to boot camp, mixed martial arts, Crossfit, boxing gyms, outdoor training, gender-specific gyms and online aggregated membership facilitators such as ClassPass, gym goers are spoiled for choice.

You have more than enough choice too, if you want to sign up your future to owning a fitness business.

The sector has done an about-turn over the last few years, from the traditional big box offerings with all the bells and whistles to today’s convenience-oriented gyms with either no-strings contracts, or no contracts at all.

It has been the 24/7 gyms which have helped shape the current landscape – 24/7 Plus Fitness,

Anytime Fitness, Jetts Fitness.

So today there are plenty of options if you want to invest in the fitness franchise models that offer flexibility for both business owners and customers.

  • Plus Fitness plans to add a virtual trainer to its model
  • Anytime Fitness aims to offer franchisees a profitable and sustainable brand
  • Snap Fitness has refreshed its model, keeping its value offer but focusing on a trusted workout regime
  • Jetts Gym has just been purchased by a private equity firm for $100m
  • EnVie Fitness is targeting the female market with a niche offer complete with childcare facilities
  • UFC Gym is "a hamburger with the lot"
  • Stepz Fitness has a new franchise model and interactive training model

And it's not just about a typical gym set-up either:

KX Pilates plans to open 35 more studios across the country.

Elemental Hot Yoga provides yoga with a technological edge.

Have we given you something to think about? If you're not sure you could be a franchisee, read this first.