George Calombaris, Mr Whippy saga comes to a close

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

Celebrity chef George Calombaris and Stan Gordon, the man behind the Mr Whippy franchise and CEO of the Franchised Food Company, have finally reached an agreement about the name of one of Calombaris’s menu items. 

Back in September news emerged that Gordon had planned to sue Calombaris for selling a dessert called ‘Mr Whippi' at his restaurant St Katherine’s.

Even though Calombaris later changed the dessert’s name to ‘Mrs Wippi’ Gordon was adamant that he had been a victim of a trademark infringement.

According to SmartCompany, Gordon has issued a statement detailing the following:

"The Directors of Mr Whippy Pty Ltd and St Katherines Pty Ltd have agreed to resolve the proceeding issued over the use of the Mr Whippy brand name. As a gesture of goodwill, it has been agreed to donate $4,000 to the Royal Children's Hospital.”