Why the GeckoSports franchise is a dream job

By Sarah Stowe | 11 Nov 2019 View comments

Two minutes with Kim O’Donnell, director and owner, GeckoSports…

My business background has been fantastic in assisting me to run my own business: I have 20 years executive corporate marketing experience in leading iconic international and national brands. 

I was fortunate to buy into the business at ground level where I can grow my wings, observe and build the business into what it needs to be to service our customers, the kids of Australia.

I have worked on building a solid business model … now it’s time to shine! A short-term goal is to grow the franchise network quickly across the country. Long-term, the aim is to become the number one national kids sports and fitness brand.

GeckoSports franchise a dream job

We have a small national franchise footprint, so from a head office management and operational perspective I wear most hats and source experienced contractors when required. 

Being hands-on is part of what I do: I also operate my own GeckoSports franchise so I’m coaching schools programs, parties, holiday programs and events daily and managing a network of coaches. I love coaching and find great satisfaction and joy in being with the kids having “serious fun” as we say at GeckoSports.

I like to be a supportive, approachable leader to give people freedom to learn in their own way, as we are all different. Being flexible and compassionate is key to working with people and kids, and it’s important to always do it with a smile.

I approach roadblocks and obstacles with a can-do open mind, so every challenge is just that, a challenge that can be overcome. Rather than being reactive I work on taking a different approach and try to think strategically.

The biggest challenge in business is not knowing what is the right or wrong solution. You need to explore to then learn and make the best educated decisions in order to be strategic in planning. 

You learn so much about yourself as a business owner. It’s a constant personal discovery and it’s important to enforce structure and balance to ensure you are kind to yourself and don’t burn out, as business can become very consuming. I am super passionate about our vision at GeckoSports, so the drive comes easily to me.

To relax, if I’m not coaching Gecko programs (honestly, being around kids is super fun, rewarding and uplifting) I enjoy Pilates, paddleboarding and beach time with my dog.

This is my dream job where I can be active, with kids, work in my local community and be my own boss. I love working with people and love sport and fitness.