From mum to mobile broker, how Aussie is driving business progression

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Inside Franchise Business: From mum to mobile broker, how Aussie is driving career progressionFor many Australian entrepreneurs, the idea of choosing your own hours and working on your own schedule is highly attractive.

Modern Australian workers demand flexibility and strong work/life balance, and for working mum, Dani Stokes, becoming an Aussie Mortgage Broker ticked all the boxes.

“I can choose to work 25 hours a week – or I can work 50 hours a week. It really depends on what’s going on with the kids, their school and my family commitments,” she says.

It’s a common theme for Aussie brokers, with the company focusing efforts on creating a nurturing environment that allows franchisees to flourish.

After 26 years of operation, Aussie has carved out an impressive reputation for providing brokers with a successful platform from which they can launch their own business, giving brokers like Dani, not just the opportunity for strong work/life balance, but also business progression.

With no previous finance industry experience, Dani underwent extensive training with Aussie, making sure she was fully equipped with the tools for success.

“I started with zero knowledge, and yes, it was like a tsunami of learning at first. However, Aussie’s training system is both comprehensive and holistic. After I completed my initial training I felt so proud that I was able to piece it all together,” Dani said.

After three years as an Aussie mobile broker, the working mum says she can still rely on Aussie’s strong support network to provide professional tips and insights if there’s anything she’s unsure about.

“Aussie’s culture is all about supporting the ‘Aussie family’,” she says. “So it’s good to know I can tap into the experience and thoughts of my peers at any time, as well as the wider Aussie team.”

The transition from mum to mobile broker has allowed Dani to gain an insight into the world of business-ownership, from rostering to time management and financial independence.

These invaluable skills have allowed Dani and other Aussie mobile brokers to continue their professional progression, opening the door for potential franchising opportunities within the brand’s growing network.

“Choosing to become an Aussie Broker was a mindful decision for me,” says Dani. “I’ve always been driven to help people achieve their goals, and I wanted to build a career where I could be part of something I felt I belonged to.”

If you are interested in progressing your professional career, find out more about an Aussie franchise opportunity here.