Fresh ingredients the focus for Ali Baba’s new menu

By Sarah Stowe | 06 Nov 2015 View comments

Food franchise, Ali Baba is unveiling a new look and menu that will be focusing on fresh ingredients, debunking the popular belief that kebabs are an unhealthy, high in fat meal.

In addition to the Classic Kebabs, the new menu will comprise a Signature Kebabs range consisting of Greek Lamb, Original K’bab, Aussie Meat Lovers, Crispy Chicken and Avocado Rapps, Greek and Orifinal Grilled Fillet Rapps.

Ali Baba will also offer Delicious Plates made up of a choice of meat, two dips and two salads, along with tumeric rice and warmed pita bread, as well as made to order salads, falafel snack packs and home-made dips.

Joanne Turner, accredited practising dietitian said Ali Baba customers can now choose their kebab filling to suit their nutritional needs.

“It is great to see Ali Baba continuing to make nutrition a priority when developing their new menu. Customers are able to match their energy requirements with portion controlled choices and the transparent nutrition information available,” she said.

“Many don’t realise that at Ali Baba, all our meats and sauces are prepared in-house and cooked fresh to order according to secret family recipes. This is not your stereotypical take-away/fast food and the kilojoule counts that we provide, not to mention the taste, are testament to this,” said Ali Baba CEO, Robert Marjan.

Ali Baba is the latest food franchise to disclose the kilojoules counts of its offerings, following the NSW state government’s announcement that all fast food companies must disclose such information as of February 2012. Franchises that have already made the changes include McDonald’s, Hungry Jacks and Domino’s. Read more here.