Franchising a piece of Australia’s $30 billion residential renovations pie

By Sarah Stowe | 06 Nov 2015 View comments

The Australian residential renovations sector is booming. Currently valued at $30 billion annually, (represents a four year post-GFC high) the sector presents a prime opportunity for hard working individuals and businesses to make their mark.
As is stands, three main sectors underpin Australia’s lucrative construction industry: new homes, commercial building and residential renovations. While both the new homes and commercial segments have been dominated by large, established brands for some time, the residential renovations sector has remained exceptionally fragmented, comprising of 200,000 trade-based builders.
The key benefit that large established brands have been able to bring to both the new homes and commercial building sectors is the ability to capitalise on scale, equating to increased competitiveness, market share, a better customer experience and access to valuable resources.
While there are a number of players in the residential renovations field – some of which have grown to the point of franchising their businesses – the lack of a large player in the market has meant that none of the operators in the segment have broken the “trade-based” business model. This has stifled the ability of operators in the segment from capitalising on the significant advantages that naturally come under the umbrella of large established businesses. Therein lies the opportunity for a large, established brand to bring a new business model along with its expertise to the segment.
Having identified the same issue of fragmentation with the New Zealand residential renovations market, a leading business strategy and marketing firm, Traffic, established Refresh Renovation in 2010, which has since become the clear market leader in New Zealand’s residential renovations segment. Refresh Renovations currently has 35 franchisees operating in New Zealand and is now the first national design and build renovation franchise in Australia, providing awarded franchisees with the opportunity to build a multi-billion dollar business. 
Having been awarded a Deloitte 50 Fast Award in 2014 for being one of the 50 fastest growing companies in New Zealand, Refresh Renovations is exceptionally well positioned to lead the residential renovation market in Australia.
Refresh Renovations has the business expertise, systems, resources and unparalleled head office support to provide driven franchisees with the opportunity to create a business that attracts an annual turnover between $3–5 million.
As well as huge market potential, Refresh Renovations provides full initial training and well-structured ongoing support for franchisees. A fully integrated and custom designed, cloud-based IT system, exceptionally strong branding and marketing and the ability to leverage supplier and subcontractor service levels and pricing due to scale will place Refresh Renovations at the forefront of Australia’s residential renovations.
To learn more about how you can become part of Australia’s leading residential renovations company, contact Refresh Renovations today.