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4 sure-fire due diligence steps from the ACCC


Got your eyes on a new franchise opportunity? It’s not as easy as just signing on the dotted line. Like any financial investment, you need to do your homework, and in

What does a profitable franchise look like?


I have been researching what makes a healthy and thriving franchise system – and as a potential franchisee, this is something you must understand before buying a franchise. The research

4 tell-tale franchise support signs


The number one reason any prospective entrepreneur considers franchising is franchise support. The ability to have an experienced operator who not only knows the sector but the systems you employ

3 ways new franchisees can boost sales


If you’ve just started a new franchise business, you may find yourself focusing your energies on getting the basics down pat. While it’s important you stick to the plan, now

10 franchisee mistakes that frustrate franchisors


An article I recently wrote on 10 common franchisor mistakes that annoy franchisees generated a lot of interest.  But as we all know, franchising is a two-way relationship. To balance things out, here are some

5 steps to successfully starting a franchise


So, you’re thinking of starting a franchise? Whether you have experience running a business or not, any new franchisee will face challenges; it’s important to keep on top of a

How do franchisee-owned franchisors work?


Franchisee-owned franchisors are very rare, and account for probably less than five percent of the total number of franchise brands operating in Australia.  Fewer than 55 out of approximately 1,100 franchise

3 coffee franchises talk café evolution


With more than 20,000 café outlets across the country, it’s safe to say Australians love a fresh brew, and coffee franchises are some of the sector’s biggest draw-cards. The $9.8bn

4 benefits of being your own boss


If you crave the kind of control that only being your own boss can provide, you may have considered franchising as means to get there. It’s a system that has

7 daily habits for peak performance


Which seven rituals could you employ to deliver peak performance in your business and your network? Paul Taylor, a former Royal Navy aircrew officer, exercise physiologist, and the director of