Burrito Bar franchise partners’ profitability drives sustainable success

By Sarah Stowe | 21 Jun 2021 View comments

Putting franchise partners first is the foundation of Burrito Bar’s success.

“Keeping their profitability at the forefront of everything we do makes perfect business sense,” says national sales and property manager Jarryd Cayfe. “They can only be profitable if they’re able to provide the quality, choice and service that keep customers coming back for more. When our franchise partners are thriving, everyone benefits, so we’re behind them every step of the way.”

Profitability also drives growth and change.

“We’ve been improving our business model continually for the last three years,” Jarryd says. “We’re constantly looking for ways to build resilience into the business to ensure our franchise partners are successful now, and will be for years to come.”

Expanding opportunities

This strategy came into its own during Covid-19. While many other businesses were caught on the back foot, Burrito Bar already had drive-thru and online ordering options in place. The company had also started to introduce multi-brand locations through partnerships with Smokin Ribs & Burgers and Sweet Republick, which give franchise partners a chance to take advantage of cost efficiencies and generate even higher revenues.

Smokin Ribs & Burgers was born as a virtual restaurant brand – and one of the first introduced to Australia. However, due to its popularity it has since evolved into a fully fledged brand with its own shopfronts.

“A virtual brand is one that only exists online,” Jarryd explains. “Customers make their choice and place their order online and it’s delivered by partners such as Uber, Deliveroo, Menulog and DoorDash. This creates a second stream of income for very little cost as there’s no need for another shopfront, more space or extra equipment.”

Sweet Republick brings branded ice-cream kiosks into restaurants.

“We have partnered with a number of popular ice-cream brands so franchise partners can make their choice,” Jarryd says. “It’s another way for them to boost their profits with little extra investment.”

The first five multi-brand Burrito Bars opened in the last 10 months. Several existing Burrito Bars are also in the process of adding one or both additional options.

“Seven of the 10 Burrito Bar locations which are either under construction or about to start construction will also offer both Smokin Ribs & Burgers and Sweet Republick,” Jarryd says. “The other three will start out by offering Sweet Republick.”

A good time to find out more

With new opportunities opening up in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and the ACT, this is the ideal time for potential franchise partners to get in touch.

“We don’t need technical experts, but we do need people who are prepared to work hard, have researched the brand and are confident they’d be a good fit,” Jarryd says. “In return, they’ll get a turnkey operation with a proven business plan and the sustainability that comes with flexibility, innovation and the opportunity to incorporate three brands into one business.”

Franchise partners also receive all the training they need to be successful from day one. Ongoing support covers advertising and marketing, operations, technology systems, finance, human relations and more.

You can explore franchise opportunities by visiting the  page. You can also contact Jarryd Cayfe on 0432 244 136 or jarryd.cayfe@burritobar.com.au

If you and Burrito Bar are right for each other, it could be a very profitable conversation.