Fitness chain launches engagement program at no cost to franchisees

By Sarah Stowe | 17 Jan 2017 View comments

A fitness franchise has launched a personal training app at no cost to club owners. The app will be offered at not cost to franchiseees. Image:

Anytime Fitness, has launched its largest ever member engagement program  and  new  year acquisition  campaign  promoting  exclusive  member  access  to  its new Anytime Workouts app.

Anytime Workouts (powered by Anytime Health) featuring over 1,100 workouts and 2,700 exercises has been built using PumpOne technology, which is commonly known as Fitness Builder in Australia. Having recently been acquired by Anytime Fitness Australia’s master franchisor, PumpOne is offers affordable, portable, personal training. The app can be used anytime, anywhere.

The franchise is offering the app to each of its clubs at no additional cost.

Anytime Workouts has been launched collaboratively as part of the brand’s New Year acquisition campaign ‘F*CK UNFIT’. With its brave headline, the marketing campaign challenges Australia to become fitter and healthier with the support of Anytime Fitness and the Anytime Workouts app.

“This is our biggest and bravest campaign to date, both in terms  of  member  engagement  and  acquisition,” said Arthur McColl, CEO  

“The  campaign supports  the  launch  of  Anytime Workouts  and really  fits  with  our  brand  mission  to  inspire  a  fitter  Australia we  want  to  get  the nation talking and help our members achieve something extraordinary everyday.”