Fantastic news! Pandemic highlights essential services; cleaning makes the list

By Sponsored | 28 Jan 2021 View comments

It’s been a tumultuous 12 months for small businesses in Australia. Bricks and mortar businesses such as cafes, swim schools and gyms have experienced multiple forced closures with many not surviving the extended hiatus.

In fact, 160,000 small businesses are expected to pack it in due to the pandemic. One industry that remained strong however was the home services industry. Perhaps the most in-demand service of 2020, despite lockdowns, professional cleaning services were permitted to continue and rightly so! 

Upon the arrival of Covid-19 into Australia, in a move that elevated the group above the rest, Fantastic Services Group immediately upskilled their franchisees. They introduced an ‘Antiviral Sanitisation’ service, which included deep cleaning and ‘fogging’. The demand for this new service remains huge, with Australians’ attitudes towards cleaning changing dramatically due to the pandemic. 

Research conducted by Fantastic Services Group revealed that three-quarters (72 per cent) of Australians changed their cleaning habits and standards of cleanliness because of Covid. A further 27 per cent of Australians admitted they’ve become anxious about germs, while just under half (40 per cent) are now concerned about cleanliness in the workplace.

These stats really illustrate that while we previously considered a bit of a ‘spray and wipe’ and a dust as acceptable cleaning, in these times, Australians are now expecting much more. 

Shirin Lakhani, Sydney franchisee for Franchise Services Group, says at one point she was doing between 15 and 18 antiviral sanitisations a week for childcares, medical practices and commercial offices. 

“With customers prioritising health over everything else at the moment, it’s been a valuable addition to our business offering during this time. The immediate training was so helpful, and we even received training on how to tackle the daunting task of cleaning homes, hotel rooms and businesses following Covid-19 outbreaks,” Shirin says. 

This increased demand for home services in Australia shouldn’t be the only reason you consider starting a franchise with Fantastic Services Group. With over a decade of industry experience and franchisees across three continents, Fantastic Services Group has a well-established and proven model of success. Not to mention, a suite of specially designed technology to make running a successful franchise easier and more profitable. 

The group offers a wide range of opportunities for potential franchisees including cleaning, gardening, property maintenance, pest control and waste removal, just to name a few. With an initial investment starting from just $3,750+GST, you’ll receive extensive training, both theory and on-the-job, full administrative support as well as access to state-of-the-art business software and apps to make managing your franchise simple.  

Founder of Fantastic Services Group, Rune Sovndahl, says the group prides themselves on providing round-the-clock support for franchisees, including guaranteed weekly turnover and booked jobs. 

“One of our biggest priorities at Fantastic Services Group is making sure our franchisees are feeling supported at all times. Our sales and customer service teams ensure franchisees have a steady flow of customers according to their availability, which they can then accept, decline, up-sell or cross-sell. They’re totally in control of when they work, how much they work and so ultimately, how much they earn,” Rune Sovndahl says. 

As a franchise system, Fantastic Services Group is one of the most technologically-advanced companies in the industry with over 500 franchisees utilising their model and expertise. Its franchise opportunities ensure quick ROI and unlimited growth potential, the perfect opportunity for Australians looking for security and financial freedom.

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  • The research was conducted by PureProfile on a representative sample of 1,002 Aussies 18 years and older. The survey was conducted on behalf of Fantastic Services Group in August 2020.