Making bold moves with Ella Baché

By Sponsored | 13 Jun 2019 View comments

After more than a decade as an accountant, a bold move towards her passion led Mandy Kaur to her dream job.

The beauty lover had always wanted a career in the skincare industry, however with no experience and the comfort of a stable job behind her, she felt the opportunity may have passed her by.

A detailed look into Australia’s leading skincare business Ella Baché opened the career corporate’s eyes to the world of entrepreneurship. The Ella Baché business model requires no prior beauty industry experience, allowing Mandy to overcome her fears and step into entrepreneurship.

Leveraging a strong work ethic developed through years in the corporate world, Mandy invested her time in learning the ropes. She has been able to feel comfortable in her own skin, while empowering her clients to learn what their skin loves, a notion synonymous with the Ella Baché brand.

“With no prior experience in the industry I was determined to learn on the job by understanding my clients, with a focus on treatment results and growing a business,” she said.

The hard work has paid off. Three years on, the Doncaster salon owner has built a successful and sustainable beauty business, all backed by Ella Baché’s world-class support systems.

“Now in my third year of trading I have built an outstanding team who are passionate, loyal and dedicated. My previous experience in management and finance has allowed me to understand the business structure and future growth,” she said.

“Being a part of the Ella Baché brand has been a very successful and profitable dream come true, allowing me to follow a passion and be part of the Ella Baché legacy.”

Mandy’s story isn’t unique among Ella Baché business owners. A number of the network’s most successful entrepreneurs entered the business with no beauty industry experience.

Ella Baché’s focus on coachability and talent identification has allowed investors across a range of industries to achieve their goals, without needing to completely reskill.

In fact, a professional background in communication, sales or management provides franchisees with the business acumen needed to make a meaningful start on their business operation.

Rather than focusing entirely on beauty therapists, Ella Baché invests heavily in support structures and processes. That way new business owners, regardless of experience have the confidence to drive success within their business.

If like Mandy, you are looking to make your next bold move, visit and take the next step towards owning your own business today.