Dream comes true for Hudsons Coffee Manage To Buy franchisee

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

Hudsons Coffee has recently appointed its first new franchisee under the Manage To Buy scheme, which was launched to provide talented young managers internally with the opportunity to take on their own stores and become franchisees.

The first Manage-To-Buy franchisee, Bobby Singh, took ownership of his Hudsons store in William Street Melbourne earlier this year and has already grown sales by 10 percent.

While managing the busy Hudsons store in Windsor for nearly two years, Bobby dreamed of owning his own outlet but didnÕt think it would be possible financially, at least in the short term. But 12 months later he would have his own business.

Franchise selection manager Gill Gialamatzis said “Bobby always showed initiative and independence when in his managerial role. You could tell he was passionate about his customers and that he loved our business. I had no doubt that he was a fabulous candidate for the Manage To Buy scheme and that with the right financial offer and additional business mentoring he would become a successful Hudsons store owner.”

The advantage of this new scheme:

  • low entry franchise offers
  • intensive support, including regular monthly meetings