Domino’s solar powered store roll-out begins

By Nick Hall | 20 Sep 2019 View comments

Pizza franchise Domino’s has announced a renewable energy strategy that will see all stores across Australia benefit from new Domino’s solar power systems and energy controllers.

The Domino’s solar power strategy is aiming to reduce operational impact on the environment, while reducing energy costs, in partnership with Construction, Supply & Service.

Domino’s Australia and New Zealand chief executive Nick Knight said the business initially started the strategy with only one store – Domino’s Aspley, Queensland, in 2017 – which has seen a 34 per cent reduction in energy usage, and a 48 per cent saving in electricity costs.

“We are really excited that Domino’s Aspley is now sourcing power from renewable energy and are thrilled with the results,” Knight said.

“We are looking to implement this strategy in more stores across our network, with Domino’s Ballina, Noarlunga and Kelso already operating with solar power systems and energy demand controllers.”

Domino’s solar power growth

According to Knight, Domino’s already has 70 stores with energy demand controllers installed, with an additional seven stores in the works. The controllers de-energise non-essential equipment during peak power usage.

“These stores have seen energy reductions of up to 22 per cent and electricity savings of up to 27 per cent in the past 12 months alone,” Knight said.

Domino’s solar power initiative follows a series of efficiency focus implementations for the iconic franchise.

Earlier this year, the brand unveiled DOM Pizza Checker, an initiative that would reduce the amount of pizzas returning to stores as a result of consumer dissatisfaction.

However, this latest roll-out is by far the most environmentally focused.

Earle Strong, CSS general manager said the future of Domino’s solar power and renewable energy strategy had widespread benefits for both the franchise’s stores and the environment.

“Solar energy is increasing in popularity for many reasons, by mainly because of its versatility, sustainability and safety benefits,” Strong said.

“The power consumption savings we have seen at Domino’s Aspley have been incredibly encouraging and we look forward to installing renewable energy solutions into more Domino’s stores across Australia.”