Domino’s links with The Biggest Loser to meet growing demand for healthy meals

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

In a radical move from its core market, pizza delivery expert DominoÕs has joined forces with The Biggest Loser to launch the Good Choice Range™ of seven individual meals. Each meal has less than 390 calories per serve, and meets the principles and values of the hit TV program.

DominoÕs CEO Don Meij said the new range developed in conjunction with dieticians is part of DominoÕs ongoing commitment to providing greater choice for its customers and offering healthier choices across its menu.

“We’ve always said we’re a mirror society and will sell what customers are interested in buying. More and more we are seeing older men and women over 25 more aware of healthy eating. And because pizza is a shared meal we need to cater for everyone otherwise we will lose the transaction,” Meij told Franchising.

“The Good Choice Range™ is a vital step in helping us to reach our goal of evolving into a better business, offering greater choice and quality for our customers now and in the future,” Meij said. “While our roots will always be in delivering great tasting pizzas, the reality is that, as a food business, we need to be prepared to meet the challenges of our industry head-on — being able to adapt to the changing consumer landscape is essential.”

The Biggest Loser has had a significant impact on the range over the 18 months it has taken to bring the food selections to market, revealed Meij. “This is really their product, it’s not just branding,” he added.

Biggest Loser Trainer and brand ambassador for the DominoÕs Good Choice Range™ Shannan Ponton said “All seven Good Choice Range™ meals are less than 390 calories per serve with the two ciabatta style pizza also boasting reduced fat and sodium when compared to DominoÕs traditional pizzas.”

Every detail about energy (calories or kilojoules), fat, sugar, salt and protein content for the new range is available on selected packaging, in-store and online.

The Good Choice Range™ includes: BBQ Chicken & Mushroom Ciabatta Pizza; Chicken, Tomato & Oregano Ciabatta Pizza; Crispy Asian Noodle Salad with a Soy & Chilli Dressing; Southern Style Chicken Scallops with a Garden Salad; Oven Baked Sandwich with Crispy Turkey Rissoles & Sweet Chilli Sauce; Penne Pasta with Roasted Chicken, Mushroom & Vine Ripened Tomato; and not yet on the menu, Chocolate Mousse.

The Good Choice Range launched in DominoÕs stores nationwide from Sunday 31 January, priced from $6.95 (Chocolate Mousse $2.95).

Meij said the seven meal options will be a key part of the menu for the pizza network and will be supported by significant tv, print, magazines, radio and internet advertising. “It’s an integrated campaign,” he said.

This latest move follows Domino’s announcement in September 2009 of its commitment to reduce salt content in its proteins, bakery and dairy ingredients by 25 percent over the next three years as well as reducing the saturated fat content of proteins and dairy ingredients by 15 percent.

Since making the commitment, DominoÕs has already reduced the salt in its Chicken Breasts, Kickers and Wings by 20 percent and its beef product by 18 percent. The DominoÕs Chicken Breast has had a 50 percent decrease in saturated fat.